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Our recent event at Leeds Castle was a real delight. In over 30 years in the industry I have never seen so many people visibly moved by the film and music they were experiencing.

The Music System

Steinway Lyngdorf Model DThe Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Music system was playing in the walled garden next to the Castle. On arrival, many visitors thought there was live music being played beyond the walls and one couple actually left to change into evening wear as they believed there was a full orchestra in attendance.

To complement the music system, Steinway & Sons kindly provided a Model C piano that was expertly played by Spencer Payne and Damien Smith. The recitals of these talented musicians blended seamlessly into the music played through the audio system, illustrating the Model D’s unique ability to perfectly reproduce the sound of live instruments.

There is simply no other audio system in the world that can convince those truly familiar with live music that they are listening to a live performance.

The Home Theatre System

Steinway Lyngdorf Model MIn the large Tudor Hall a 9 foot projection screen was accompanied by the world’s first all-digital home cinema system. The Steinway Model M home cinema system provides a level of fidelity and dynamics that has never been possible.

A selection of movies and concert clips were shown culminating in the siege from Master & Commander. Playing this remarkable scene on the Model M surround system recreated the sheer terror that those in a Naval Gun battle must have felt.

Like all three audio systems on show, every system was quickly set up in spaces with no acoustic treatment. In addition to the exceptional fidelity of these systems, they are all unique in requiring absolutely no acoustic room treatment to deliver the best possible audio reproduction.

The Surround Sound System

Steinway Lyngdorf Model SThe event at Leeds Castle was held to launch the new Model S music and surround systems. Utilising the exact same technology as Steinway Lyngdorfs Grand Theatre systems but with remarkably compact speakers, the Model S system is far easier to accommodate in most rooms.

Whilst the power of these tiny speakers is remarkable, it was their ability to recreate every nuance in musical performances that was the real delight. No other music or surround systems in the world are capable of this level of fidelity and the system left listeners spell bound by their performance.

Ferrari - New Showrooms

FerrariImmediately after our Leeds Castle event we were invited to the launch of the new showrooms of The Ferrari Centre in Maidstone. This fabulous facility houses close to a 100 classic Ferrari’s including a drop top Daytona and a truly gorgeous short wheel base 250 GT.

Our demonstration used the Steinway Lyngdorf Model S surround system set up in the companies’ huge workshops. Film clips of the new Senna biography and the history of Mario Andretti’s career included many well recorded clips of F1, Speedway and a number of classic racing cars to illustrate how perfectly this system was able to reproduce the most demanding film clips.

The sheer power of a system that was capable of filling a space for 100’s of listeners with reference volume levels all from tiny speakers the size of a paperback gained many admirers.


PoloKenney Jones the drummer behind the Small Faces is the owner of Hurtwood Park, one of the country’s most beautiful Polo venues. Our friends at helicopter charter business Rotormotion had challenged a rival operation to a match that was attended by hundreds of well-wishers. We were pleased to see Philip Amadeus and the Rotormotion team win a tightly fought game and can report that his victory had nothing to do with the fact that his best friend was the umpire!

Afterwards the grooms treated us to a superb Argentinian style BBQ with the Steinway Model S music system playing in the beautiful clubhouse.

Old Trafford

KaleidescapeThe famous Lancashire Cricket Ground hosted the best in home cinema and home automation at the Essential Install road show.

Kaleidescape, makers of the worlds finest music and film servers invited the Gecko team to demonstrate the very best in surround sound to accompany their new stunning wide screen compatable software.

Listeners in the home cinema business were stunned to hear the finest surround sound was reproduced in completely untreated acoustic spaces. In a large room the Model S surround system provided incredible dynamics with the remarkable musical performance of the system holding listners spell bound.


MoscowFollowing our launch of the remarkable Steinway Lyngdorf Model S surround sound system at Leeds Castle, many of our guests requested we visit their homes to provide our recommendations for their music and home cinema systems.

Several of these visits took us abroad including a visit to Moscow which while freezing in January was more than made up for by the warm welcome we received and the terrific night life.

Super High Definition Projection

25 years ago Gecko were installing CRT projectors for the UK’s first home cinema devotees. With the release of Sony’s remarkable new VPL-VW1000ES - the only projector available with 4 times the resolution of normal 1080p projectors – it’s finally possible to enjoy pictures in the home that are every bit as good as the best cinemas.

This photo of the largest of our 4 cinemas demonstration rooms gives an idea of just how large home cinema screens can be, with no loss of quality. Our new 4.5m wide screen makes comparing the benefits of a wide range of projectors quick and easy to see.

4K projector

Reviewed - the best surround systems money can buy

Top 10A recent test of the best home cinema systems available has highlighted the fact that spending more on a system is no guarantee of performance.

Written by a consumer with 20 years’ experience of owning high quality home cinema systems, the article was written after his own research into the best performance and value for money currently available. After what must be the most extensive and thorough research ever, into the quest for the best in home cinema, his review makes fascinating reading.

If you’re looking to get the best value for money and quality available, this review is an essential read. 12 of the most highly regarded audio systems were tested, each at the same volume and with the same mix of stereo and surround sound test material. We believe this is the most extensive, independent review of high-end surround systems ever written.

To see which brands came out top in terms of performance, value for money and as an overall package, go to score on the last page.



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